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Virtual Attendee Resource Page

We’re excited to have you join us virtually at the 2024 AMCHP Conference! We have made some improvements based on feedback from 2023 AMCHP Conference virtual attendees and wanted to share what you can expect out of your 2024 virtual conference experience.
We will also use this webpage to post resources created specifically for 2024 AMCHP Conference virtual attendees.

Click here to learn How to make the most of your Virtual Experience


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Thank you to the members of the Virtual Conference Experience subcommittee for their commitment to making the virtual conference experience as meaningful as possible: Stephen Bright, Mikayla Charles, Michelle Cruz, Elizabeth Davis, Paige Falion, Rabeeha Ghaffar, Maura Leahy, Candice Simon, and Caroline Stampfel.

If you have logistical/technology questions, please contact our AMCHP Speaker Department ( If you have content or other questions, please contact Candice Simon (