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AMCHP is committed to ensuring the AMCHP Annual Conference is inclusive for all attendees. This includes reasonable accommodations as specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). To request ADA accommodations, please email

The following are in place to support full access and participation for all attendees:

All conference food items will be clearly labeled to accommadate dietary restrictions and allergies.  

Deaf and Hard of Hearing:
All plenary sessions will be presented with AI generated closed captioning.  An Americal Sign Language interpreter will be available in the Plenary sessions for translation.  Reserved seating will be available in the front row for ease of viweing the ASL interpreter.

AI generated closed captioning will be available on all live streamed sessions (plenaries and livestreamed, in-person workshops).  All in-person workshop and skills-building session presenters have been instructed to turn on AI generated closed captioning during their presentations.

Parent's Room:
A designated room will be available for parents with lactation needs, which will include a refridgerator. Please ask at the AMCHP registion desk for the location.

Sensory Needs:
A designated Quiet Room will be available throughout the conference for those with sensory needs or who need a break from the busy environment.  This room is intended to be free from sounds and activity.

Hotel Accommodations:
When booking hotel rooms through the reservations link, there is a check box option for an Accessible Room at the time of booking. Before confirming the reservation, there’s a section for “Special Requests” including options such as Rooms Near an Elevator, Assistive Devices and a text box area to add additional requests.

Accessibility information about the Oakland Marriott City Center is listed on their website. For more details, the hotel can be reached at (510)-451-4000.

Virtual Registration:
AMCHP is pleased to offer a hybrid conference for the second year in a row in efforts to make the AMCHP Annual Conference accessible to more people without the need for travel. Learn more about the AMCHP virtual experience and how AMCHP is working to improve this experience for virtual attendees here.

Accessibility Resources:
Please remember to bring any mobility equipment you may need to navigate throughout the conference. For participants who would prefer to rent a mobility device for the event, AMCHP recommends Cloud of Goods, Scooter and Wheelchair Rental. (Participants are responsible for coordination and the cost of mobility equipment rentals)

For further questions about accommodations or access needs, please contact as soon as possible, to ensure AMCHP has time to make the appropriate accommodations.