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Registration Rates

Register to Participate In Person by March 22

Are you interested in attending AMCHP 2024 in person? We are nearing capacity for in-person attendees for the conference, so you might want to register to secure your spot now!

Registration to participate in person will close on Friday, March 22. After this date, we will only accept registration to participate virtually.

Remember that you can register and select the "pay later" option to secure your spot.  

The current registration rates for the AMCHP 2024 Annual Conference are listed below. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Alex Napier at  

Not a member? Save on your full conference registration by joining AMCHP! Click HERE for more information.

Note: Only Full Conference rates are available for the virtual meeting.
One-day and two-day options are not offered.





Through Feb. 26, 2024

After Feb. 26, 2024

Through Feb. 26, 2024

 After Feb. 26, 2024

Full Conference - AMCHP Member 





Full Conference - Join/Renew AMCHP Membership & Registration





Full Conference - Family Leader; Student, Youth; CBO; Tribal





Full Conference - Federal Employee





Full Conference - Nonmember

$825.00 $915.00 $495.00 $575.00

Full Conference - Speaker (includes Poster Presenters)

$575.00 $665.00 $305.00 $375.00

Full Conference - Student/Youth Speaker (includes Poster Presenters)

$445.00 $500.00 $245.00 $265.00

Speaker One-Day
(includes Poster Presenters)

$245.00 $365.00



One Day Registration

$450.00 $500.00



*Learn more about what virtual registration includes and what virtual attendees can expect at the 2024 AMCHP Conference here

Cancellation & Substitution Policies

Refunds are limited to conference fees paid. Cancellation and substitution requests must be submitted in writing to Substitution requests must also include the original attendee's name and registration ID and the substitute attendee's name, job title, organization, mailing address, phone and e-mail. No-shows are non-refundable.

February 26: Last day to register at Early Bird Rate.
March 11: Last Day to cancel your registration in full and receive a full refund minus $75 administrative fee.  Last day to receive early bird pricing for any changes made to a registration category with an original registration day before the close of the Early Bird rate.
March 12 – 24: Cancellations receive a 50% refund minus $75 administrative fee.
March 25: Last days to receive a refund of any kind.
March 29: Last day to submit a substitution request in advance**

**Substitutions may also be completed at onsite registration accompanied by written permission from the original attendee. 

AMCHP is not responsible for circumstances beyond the control of the Association such as acts of God, war, terrorism, government regulation, disaster, fire, strikes, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities, and events of significant public health consequences or other emergencies to the extent that such circumstances make it illegal or impossible for attendees and guests from appearing at the AMCHP Annual Conference. All cancellation deadlines and policies noted above remain in effect after the above deadlines and no refunds of any type, including no-shows, are given.